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The Development Site is zoned under three different objectives in the Fingal County Development Plan 2017-2023. The main portion of the site is predominantly zoned Objective ‘RA’ (Residential Area) as well as a small strip running through the site being zoned Objective OS (Open Space). These areas are subject to the Rush Kenure LAP 2009 (extended to be in effect until February 2019).

The smaller portion of land to the South of Brook Lane and which runs to the Palmer Road junction, is zoned objective RS (Residential).

Objective ‘RA’ (Residential Area) – ‘Provide for new residential communities in accordance with approved local area plans and subject to the provision of the necessary social and physical infrastructure’.

Objective OS (Open Space) – ‘Preserve and provide for open space and recreational amenities’. This narrow strip appears to follow the course of the stream running through the site.

Objective ‘RS’ (Residential) – ‘Provide for residential development and protect and improve residential amenity’

Notable permitted uses include; Residential, Residential Care Home /Retirement Home, Retirement Village, Health Centre, Health Practitioner, Hospital, Restaurant/Café, Retail – Local, Recreational Facility/Sports Club.

Note: Interested parties to satisfy themselves to the position and conditions attached to the planning permissions relating to the subject lands.

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